Rienspa is a restorative massage and bodywork practice in the heart of the financial district, in San Francisco. This is a comfortable healing space that caters to lowering the volume for a non rushed experience and where quality comes first.  Allow yourself to wander off the path of stress and release resistance. Unplug, recharge and restore. Find relief from pain and soreness, assist the healing of an injury, and utilize these visits as a preparation or conditioning for an active lifestyle.

I have been sharpening my elbows, honing my skills and rehabilitating people since 2005. I am a state licensed massage therapist. I currently work in San Francisco and contract with high end luxury hotel spas and a global hi tech corporate company.  I have treated celebrities, pro athletes and marathon/triathalon competitors but my consistent clientele ranges from those escaping from mental, emotional and physical stress with an emphasis on recovery and healing from the everyday envinronment. I practice both western and eastern modalities. Both of these backgrounds are intended to generate healing and relaxation with different and assimilating techniques and philosophies, which you can study further on the treatments page. My experience is Deep Tissue,  Structural Integration, Sports Massage, Japanese Shiatsu, Traditional Thai, Classic Swedish, Cranial Sacral, Trigger Point, Prenatal, Energy Balancing, Hot Stone and other significant Renewal Body Treatments.
My overall education, training and experience has culminated from my roots in Michigan, California, Japan and Thailand. Although I hold a BS Degree in traditional education with a background in teaching & program development, I have found myself progressively enjoying the movement towards holistic health and wellness, leaning towards a more subtle practice of sensory awareness via the althernative healing path. I believe that inspiration, vision and motivation, come from a place of loving what you do. Without that, time and energy is for nothing....  
-  Rie

    Quality always comes first

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