Events and Massage in the Work Place

I'm excited to present this New Special Offer!

The contribution of Massage in the Workplace & Company Events (ie. Spa Parties, Birthday, Anniversary/Holiday Parties, Marathon Event Parties) can be a beneficial option, moral booster for the work environment or a special treat for friends and loved ones. If you are interested in promoting stress relief or appreciation for your company staff and team members by giving them a monthly perk gift wrapped with some pampering, please bookmark my services.  You are welcome to inquire or learn more on the About and Signature Treatments Page.


To Book an On-site visit : 


$200 per hour 

$400/2 hours 

$600 per (four hands) gracing a 3 hour span (example: 3 hours/ $600) for a company, group or party. Sessions can be devised accordingly to 5,10,15 minute increments or however you want. Pricing will vary depending on how many hours and how many massage therapists you are contracting for. The important thing is We Travel to You. Massage therapists provide and transport equipment (table or chair, sheets and supplies) to the on-site location.


*For Companies or Event Parties an 18% Gratuity will be included with total contracted hours

*Visa, MasterCard and American Express












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