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"I am CEO of Heaven's Door Cancer Foundation, where I pay for women who are dealing with cancer to go to spas all around the country. In the Bay Area, one of my dedicated therapists is Rie. I trust sending my ladies to her because though she is such a petite lady, she exudes such strength, positive attitude and compassion. This is what they need - not just a licensed massage therapist but someone who understand the sensitive areas and is considerate of their needs. Rie is now a "Heaven's Door Approved" therapist and I am proud and happy to know her and recommend her to anyone."


Daphne Evans, San Francisco Heaven's Door Cancer Foundation 
Linkedin -- September 20, 2012

"... She's totally professional and knowledgeable but also kind and a sweetheart. I ended up going back to her many times. Rie has always done a fantastic job of finding the many knots in my back, neck and shoulders and really working them out. I've had many massages in my adult life, and have been to plenty of high-end spas (Trump Soho, SLS, etc.) but Rie really was the best and was my go-to Massage Therapist when I lived in SF. I miss her and her healing powers so much, my back hasn't been the same since I left!” 


Lisa Erich, New York City
LinkedIn -- September 21, 2012


"Rie is amazing, she is soothing to be around and really knows how to blend massage techniques. If you are a ball of knots Rie will have you unraveled in no time. Don't worry if you are nervous or new to massages, they work wonders and Rie can be light to strong. She puts her heart into it."


     Natasha Medved, San Francisco

     Yelp -- September 28, 2012

"I have been getting massages from Rie for about 3 months now and she is by far the BEST massage therapist I have ever had (and I have tried out plenty!).  I am a workout fanatic and Rie is the reason I can continue to pursue my passion.  Rie is the therapist that finds a knot and keeps working on it to make sure when you leave, you feel better.   There is no set routine to her massage and she uses techniques from a number of different disciplines.  If I had enough money, I would hire her as my personal therapist!  No doubt, do yourself a favor and try her out.  You'll never go anywhere else!!!"


Pooja Dang, Emeryville CA

Yelp -- October 9, 2012

“Rie is an incredibly intuitive massage therapist and gifted healer. She always listens very closely to what particular problems i might be having and i always feel better when i leave.”


      Eric Markowitz, San Francisco

      LinkedIn -- November 4, 2012


"I love love love Rie! If it is possible to have a massage therapist soulmate then Rie is mine. I have seen her on-and-off over the last year and I can't believe it took me this long to review her.

I have chronic back problems, specifically with a lot of tightness in my lower back, glutes, hamstrings, and psoas. I often wake up very stiff and it can take me a few hours to unwind. It's been a chronic issue for over ten years and I have tried a half dozen different people since moving to SF and Rie is the only one who provides consistent relief. She uses a combination of deep tissue massage and structural integration that leaves me sore when the appointment is over, but much more relaxed for the weeks following.

Her facility is well appointed, conveniently located on Market, and has a lovely calm feeling--much like Rie herself. She always checks in with me at the beginning of the appointment to see if I have any new issues and to see how I am feeling. I love that she remembers my specific issues, even when I don't see her for a few months. It shows a high commitment to attentiveness and instills a great sense of trust.

Any time one of my friends mentions wanting or needing a massage I tell them Rie's name. I cannot recommend her enough!"


      Traci Williams, San Francisco

      Yelp -- December 21, 2012

"Rie is hands down, the best massage therapist I have ever been to. She is not only extremely nice and professional, but she can read your body like a book. I have a lot of problems with tension in my shoulder and neck areas, and she is the only one that is able to fix the problem. One session with her and the knots are gone and they stay away for quite some time. I can't stress how wonderful Rie is and I am so grateful to have found her."


        Erin Doran, San Francisco 

        LinkedIn -- January 2, 2013

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